We Got the Tea... Chaga That Is

Did you know that there is a mushroom that has more antioxidants than blueberries, assists in cellar repair, slows down aging, enhances the immune system and that's not even half of the benefits? Now you know that blueberries are at the top when it comes to antioxidants, however the mushroom I am talking about is Chaga! if you have never heard of this amazing mushroom, then continue to read...

Chaga grows in cold climates and can be found on the sides of birch trees. It is frequently harvested in places like Russia and Alaska. There are many ways that chaga can be can be consumed. One way, which I should also mention is my absolute favorite is made as a tea (hot or cold). I prefer a hot cup in the morning. It really helps me feel good, create a good vibe and focus. It's a healthy alternative to coffee. It actually has a similar taste to coffee. You can add your favorite sweetener to it or drink it as is. Honestly, you can drink it anytime of the day. The unique thing about chaga is that when drunken in the evening or before bed it enhances your mental clarity, dream state and improves sleep.

It can also be taken in powder form or capsulated. It is not recommended to eat it as is and let me tell you why. Chaga literally is hard as tree bark and is harvested as one large mass and has to be broken down into smaller pieces and cannot be just chewed, it's too hard for that. If you were to see it in its original state, you would not think that it is a mushroom. It has a black outer color and orange brown in the inside.

It is high in melanin! This is why it helps you sleep. The list of benefits are long when it comes to this unique mushroom. I know you still may be wondering what else this mushroom helps with. There are so many more health benefits that I will only mention a few more and I encourage you to check out more information. 

Chaga reduces muscle and joint pain, great as an anti-inflammatory, balances hormones, weight management, maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels and boosts the body's natural cancer-fighting ability. It also helps optimize heart health, supports vision, improves digestion, and helps alleviate stress and anxiety and that's still doesn't complete the list! All I'm saying is if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Click the here to order your chaga chunks and show your body some love. Self-care is self-love. 

Peace & Love HMP Family

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